Pinpoint Difficult-to-Locate Leaks

The VAPOR EXTRACTION UNIT (VEU) extracts gas from saturated soil, pinpoints leak location, facilitates more timely repair and in the process delivers dramatic reductions in earthwork and pavement costs.
The VEU pinpoints difficult to locate leaks. The VEU creates vacuum (to 12″ mercury) at a series of boreholes over known areas of gas saturated soil. The high volume VEU rapidly extracts gas from saturated soils and can be used to follow paths of gas migration to the leak source. Through a process of elimination, most leaks can be pinpointed to within 18 inches horizontally of vertical location.

The powerful VEU is designed for rapid remediation of gas saturated soils. Sites that would have taken months to clear with historical means are done in days with the VEU. Sites that would have taken days are completed in hours. Rapid remediation and pinpointing of leak location results in minimum soil excavation and pavement destruction. Cost reductions in earthworks and pavement repair are enormous.

The VEU’s vapor extraction and leak locating capabilities are enabled by a patented means of performing these functions safely. A LEL sensor continuously monitors flow through the VEU and provides a real time digital readout of the gas/air concentration. Responding to the digital readout, the VEU operator manages the gas/air ratio below an established threshold by adjusting a gas/air mixing apparatus. The sensor system initiates an audio-visual alarm if the gas concentration reaches a selected percentage of LEL. In the event the percentage of LEL exceeds a secondary threshold, the VEU automatically shuts down.

The VEU is capable of running up to 18 probes simultaneously. In an alternative mode, a 3 inch hose can be inserted into a storm sewer or other enclosed area for rapid gas evacuation. The VEU moves up to 850 cubic feet of gas/air mixture per minute.

The VEU is available in skid-mounted or trailer mounted packages. Probe kits priced separately.

Vapor Extraction Unit

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