Static and Boom Mounted Vibratory Wheels

MBW offers an industry-leading line of UVW boom-mounted vibratory wheels for a number of reasons:

In geo-technical terms, walk-behind rollers are inefficient compactors due to low machine mass. By coupling a vibratory roller with a much heavier host machine, mass is dramatically improved. Moreover, the operating or cycle speed of host machines is faster than self-contained walk-behind rollers. The combined effect of higher mass and faster working speed is a dramatic gain in productivity.
MBW’s broad line of compaction attachments covers the full range of soil types and applications. Our static wheels are ideal for cohesive soils and can be converted to vibratory mode if called for. Our heavy duty UVW models features interchangeable, padded or smooth, 24 and 36 inch wheels. Static and vibratory wheels mount via pins or quick connect coupler to booms or buckets.
Operators run compaction attachments from the protected cab of the most machine and stay out of trenches.
MBW’s range of compaction attachments are covered by multiple US and international patents. Our patents focus on technical innovations designed to keep these compactors running reliably over their useful life.
MBW attachments cost substantially less than trench and walk-behind rollers. But the cost analysis only begins there. Productivity is as much as 10 times higher than walk-behind rollers. Maintenance cost are lower. The full cost analysis emphatically recommends compaction attachments… which is why we discontinued our walk-behind and trench rollers in 2002.
MBW static wheels are built to standards suitable for vibratory compactors. That means heavier bearings (to 1,100,000 lbs. static load), heavier shafts (to 710,000 lbs. shear strength) with a correspondingly heavy frame that supports the wheel at both ends to minimize frame and shaft deformation. Our static wheels are heavily built because they can be converted to vibratory wheels when need arises.
MBW pioneered the industry’s first boom-mounted vibratory wheels in the late 1990s. We are now introducing a whole new generation of vibratory wheels. These new wheels feature a redesigned frame that supports the wheel or drum at both ends to reduce stress concentrations, an improved suspension system that protects isolators from damage due to over deflection and exciter operating temperatures that have been significantly lowered. Mount to booms via pins or quick coupler. Mount to buckets via quick coupler. All models standard with integral leveling blade.

MBW UVW Static and Boom Mounted Vibratory Wheels

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