This slip-type design protects the service from downward pressure and the box absorbs the pressure from above

  • Meets DOT requirement 192.181; “If the valve is installed in a buried box, the box must be installed so as to avoid transmitting external loads to the main.”
  • Easily adjusts to grade level. No need to dig when grade changes, just step-on it to push down, or pry it up.
  • A full throat/unobstructed upper tube, allows more room to operate the key.
  • Made from SUPERIOR GRADE ABS plastic. It’s long lasting and won’t rust, rot or corrode.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • 4 or 6″ I.D. upper tube with a 10⅝” x 10½” squared bell.
  • Fits a variety of plastic valves up to 6″. The closed bell gives flexibility for use on many steel valves.
  • Molded with 3⅜”, 5⅝” and 7¾” cut away arches for use with any compatible valve.
  • Use with any compatible Handley valve support for the ideal installation.
  • Single or multi-slotting is available for use with compatible Handley valve supports.
  • 1½” cast iron flange is standard for off-road installations.
  • 5″ cast iron heavy duty flange is available for in road installations.
  • Choose from locking or drop-in lids marked GAS, WATER, or SEWER.
  • Lids are available with or without vent holes.
  • 1½” stackable risers, that utilize the same lid, are available when the road is repaved.
  • Extensions available.
  • Tracer wire holes can be provided upon request.
  • Customized lids are available for an additional charge.
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