DiamondWrap® Specialty Epoxies

High Temperature and Acid

DiamondWrap® Specialty Epoxies

Citadel Technologies is the industry leader in manufacturing specialty epoxies for use in specialized composite wrap and coating applications. Our epoxies go unmatched in range, quality, and performance. Our specialty epoxies include three different High Temperature systems and an Acid system designed for use with harsh chemicals. Go where no other nonmetallic composite wraps can go with these kits available from Citadel Technologies!

DiamondWrap® High Temperature

The DiamondWrap® High Temperature kits have been designed to be applied to pipes that operate above 149ºC (300ºF). Three different high temperature kits are available depending upon the conditions of the pipe and the application.

DiamondWrap® HTA™*

This kit is designed to be used on pipes that operate at temperatures up to 149ºC (300ºF). The High Temperature Ambient kit is formulated to cure at ambient temperatures between 80ºC – 149ºC (180ºF – 300ºF) with no additional heat required. It is great for pipes that operate at elevated temperatures, but will be wrapped while the line is out of service.

DiamondWrap® HT701™*

The High Temperature 701 kit has been designed to be applied on pipes that operate at temperatures up to 177ºC (340ºF). These kits have been formulated to cure with additional heat, which allows them to be applied to pipes at elevated temperatures without the threat of reduced workability. To properly cure, these kits must be heated to at least 66ºC (150ºF) after installation unless the pipe is operating above this temperature when the product is applied.

DiamondWrap® UHT™*

This system is pre-impregnated with Citadel’s Ultra-High Temperature epoxy. Curing of this epoxy requires a minimum temperature of 189ºC (300º)F either from the piping system itself, or with the addition of external heat.

*Temperatures listed are not exact, and in some cases, may be exceeded contingent upon other design factors.

DiamondWrap® Acid

DiamondWrap® Acid™

The DiamondWrap® Acid kit has been designed to be applied in areas, and on pipes, that contain harsh chemicals that will cause problems or deterioration in other epoxies. For a partial list of chemicals that are compatible with the DiamondWrap® systems, please reference Citadel’s Chemical Resistance Chart**. If a specific chemical that you work with is not on this list, please contact us for additional information and we will determine how your chemical will affect our system.

**Other design factors may influence the compatibility of the chemical with this system.

DiamondWrap Specialty Epoxies

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