Protect and Directly Connect to Your Tracer Wire System

Light Duty, Lite Duty Adjustable, Lite Duty XL, Concrete/Driveway, Roadway

The SnakePit® Access Point is a protective, at-grade tracer wire termination and grounding station. It provides a direct connection point for a utility locate transmitter to hook to a tracer wire system. The new Two-terminal Switchable Lid also provides an external ground switch that allows locators to turn ground off/on from the top of the lid to isolate sections of tracer wire more accurately and efficiently — no more need to remove the lid and disconnect/reconnect wires or to reposition the locate transmitter. That makes locating your underground utilities a lot easier. (Single-terminal cast iron lid also available.)

Five SnakePit designs are available for your specific application.

The SnakePit® Lite Duty and Lite Duty Adjustable are designed for light traffic areas such as yards and ditches. The SnakePit Lite Duty XL has all the benefits of the Lite Duty but with an anti-sink design. Perfect for new construction where shifting soil may be an issue. SnakePit Concrete/Driveway features a 2” cast iron collar. This SnakePit is ideal for all concrete/driveway applications. The SnakePit Roadway is the toughest and strongest of all SnakePits. With a 5″ cast iron collar, it can take the constant pounding of heavy traffic.


  • Provides secure access to tracer wire systems
  • Five designs for your specific application
  • Encapsulated magnet makes it easy to find with a ferrous metal detector
  • Protect tracer wire from UV rays and weed whips
  • Anti-corrosion gel protects wires from corrosion
  • Locking cover secures lid to base and protects against tampering
  • Two-terminal Switchable Lid provides external direct connection point for utility locate transmitter plus ground switch to turn ground off/on from top of lid
  • Single-terminal lid provides external direct connection point only (no ground connection)
  • APWA color-coded with molded utility marking for instant utility identification
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