Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Hybrid Composite Wrap

Citadel Technologies has developed and tested for more than 20 years the SLS-Series™ line of epoxies and coatings for various applications. The epoxy systems can be tailored to its customers’ specific needs.

Possible Applications

  • Deep Shaft and Tunnel Lining
  • Waste Water Systems
  • Sewer, Lift Stations and Clarifiers
  • Tanks and Towers
  • Piping Systems
  • Fan Systems
  • Cooling Lines
  • Cooling Towers
  • Refineries
  • Gas and Electric Industry
  • Transmission Lines
  • Power Plants
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Beverage and Food
  • Chemical Plants
  • Corroded Substrates
  • Steam Plants
  • Pumps
  • Schools, Prisons, and Hospitals
  • Cruise ships
  • Marine
  • Off Shore Platforms
  • Mines
  • Washdown and Finishing Plants

Products in the SLS Series

SLS Series Epoxies and Coatings

Citadel Technologies
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