Tecvalco’s wide range of products can help you detect, pinpoint, and repair pipeline leaks

Each product is available for purchase or in combination as a service which Tecvalco will provide to you to find and repair a gas leak. For more information please contact us at 1 (866) 317-0131 or sales@tecvalco.com.


The first step in repairing a pipeline leak, is finding it. Tecvalco can provide you with the equipment you need to triangulate the leak’s location.

A small, lightweight, battery-operated instrument used to survey, pinpoint and grade leaks wherever they occur.
Vehicle-mounted instrument used to cover large areas while surveying to find grade leaks.
SENSIT VMD for gas leak detection



After finding the leak, identifying it’s unique amount of ethane, we can contact the correct pipeline owner about it’s leak.

A state-of-the-art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.
IRED Infrared Ethane Detector


Next, drilling into the ground will allow access to the leaking pipeline and for the gas to seep out, making it easier to find the exact location of the leak.

The Hornet utility drill from Minnich offers an ergonomic solution which absorbs drill vibrations, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The unit feeds the drill in and out of the hole, allowing the operator to stand in an upright position. Compact, lightweight and easy to move, the Hornet is ideal for drilling through a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt, brick and dirt.



The VEU is able to work within the area triangulated by the SENSIT devices by sucking up the gas from the saturated area.

This allows us to determine which area refills with gas first, allowing the exact position of the leak to be found.

The VEU extracts gas from saturated soil, pinpoints leak location, facilitates more timely repair and in the process delivers dramatic reductions in earthwork and pavement costs.

An integral LEL monitor alarms the operator when dangerous gas concentrations are approached. A bypass valve then allows the operator to configure the VEU as necessary. The VEU was so successful at removing residual gas that different applications were explored.



To properly repair the leak, it is integral to stop the flow of gas. With the Kleiss Tapping System, we are able to do the repairs without shutting down the entire pipeline.

The Kliess MCS60-38 is an industry changing tapping and flow stopping system for the natural gas industry. This portable, lightweight, user-friendly equipment can be used with pressures of up to 60 psi. It’s designed for all pipe materials and has three times the safety factor with a gas-tight seal, making it perfect for stopping the gas flow while you repair your piping system.
Kliesse Tapping



While the pipeline flow is clamped off, the repair can finally be achieved with the Citadel DiamondWrap® technology.

DiamondWrap® is the premier carbon fiber wrap system used to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to damaged, corroded and eroded piping systems.

DiamondWrap® applications save time, labor and equipment costs. In most cases, there is no plant downtime. Pipes can be wrapped while the line is in service, requiring no line evacuation, no welding of pipe, no need to cut the pipe, no heavy equipment handling requirements and no volatile compounds.

DiamondWrap repair gas leak