SENSIT IRED Ethane Detector for fast and accurate analysis of natural gas from pipelines.

SENSIT® IRED is a state-of-the-art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

This technology can detect as little as 250ppb ethane in a 50ppm methane sample. Even the smallest of samples can be analyzed in the field to determine if gas from a natural gas piping system is being detected.

Features and Benefits:
  • Ethane Specific – IRED filters out other gases
  • Ideal for low concentration methane readings
  • Displays 0 – 4990 ppb ethane
  • Displays 5 – 500 ppm ethane
  • GPS capable for measurement mapping (optional feature)

Ethane is the key “fingerprint” contained in pipeline gas and typically ranges from 2-25% by volume. The SENSIT IRED is a field tool that produces accurate results within minutes rather than hours or days if other methods are used.

IRED Infrared Ethane Detector

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