Premium replacement rubber track for mini excavators & compact track loaders

X-TRAC excavator rubber track is designed for all major brands of mini-excavators, compact track loaders, mini track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, carriers, dumpers and HDD rigs operating in North America.

Premium Track

X-TRAC excavator rubber tracks are designed to and exceed OEM specifications with manufacturing in an ISO9001.2008 certified facility.

Metal Core Excavator Rubber Track

X-TRAC metal core rubber track for Mini Excavators, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Track Loaders, Carriers, Dumpers and HDD rigs.

X-TRAC metal core excavator rubber track is a third generation joint less track design; produced by integrating steel cord, metal core and rubber components together, the finished product forms a continuous joint less belt. The rubber track is stabilized from slipping off the undercarriage as the iron core component attaches to the sprocket.

Track Types

Conventional Track: these tracks are designed to operate on rubber track machines; the first generation light weight machines.

Interchangeable Long Pitch Track: the second generation designs are long pitch and interchangeable with steel track.

Interchangeable Short Pitch Track: the third generation design allows for a tighter fit, less vibration, more durable and longer operating life.

Woodbridge Rubber Track Replacement

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