Tecvalco Ltd. Quality Policy

Tecvalco Ltd. is committed to the principles and practice of excellence, and will conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. The scope of business is to design, manufacture, distribute, and service products for the oil and gas industry and water treatment sectors in which Tecvalco Ltd. is committed to being a prominent leader. We are dedicated to achieving consistently high levels of customer satisfaction, providing innovative products, continual improvement of quality performance, employee development, and social responsibility through honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Our Quality Management System is the basis for measuring and improving our overall business performance, supporting our company strategy and business plan, facilitating continual improvement, and ensuring the satisfaction for our customers and other interested parties.

The senior management team and the staff of Tecvalco Ltd. are committed to continuous improvement by:

  • Regularly reviewing corporate objectives and aligning to the needs of our customer base.
  • Striving to exceed the requirements of our customers and to enhance the products and services available to our customers.
  • Regularly setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives and ensuring those objectives are met.
  • Ensuring that our staff are given sufficient training and development support to ensure competency for their area of work, where appropriate.
  • Maintaining and developing first class supplier relationships, and through good planning and review that quality materials and equipment are used for the manufacture of products.
  • All top management taking the responsibility to regularly monitor, measuring and enhance the Quality Management System, while ensuring all staff are informed of the status and effectiveness.