Protect pipe during installation

Used together or separately, these products help protect pipe during installation.

The Pulling Plug provides an oversized hole for optimized utility installation while the Pulling Head fuses directly to the pipe and leads the new polyethylene pipe through the trench or bore. The Weak Link is designed to yield before reaching the pipe’s standard safe pull strength to protect the pipe from overload while the Mud Plug will keep debris out of the pipe during pull back if the Weak Link is compromised.


Pipe Size Pulling Plug
Part Number
Pulling Head
Part Number
Weak Link
Part Number
Mud Plug
Part Number
1/2” CTS JP050-2406 WL050-2406 MP050-3408
3/4” IPS JP250-2406 WL250-2406 MP250-3408
1” CTS JP330C-2406 WL330C-2406 MP330C-3408
1” IPS JP330I-2406 WL330I-2406 MP330I-3408
1-1/4” IPS PP420 JP420-2406 WL420-2406 MP420-3408
2” IPS PP550 JP550-2406 WL550-2406 MP550-3408
3” IPS PP650 JP650-2406 WL650-2406 MP650-3408
4” IPS PP740 JP740-2406 WL740-2406 MP740-3408
6” IPS PP744 JP744-2406 WL744-2406 MP744-3408
8” IPS PP746 JP746-2406 WL746-2406 MP746-3408
10” IPS PP748 JP748-2406 WL748-2406 MP748-3408
12” IPS PP750 JP750-2406 WL750-2406 MP750-3408

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