In 1976, Honeywell Perfection revolutionized natural gas distribution with the introduction of the first polyethylene mechanical coupling … Permasert.

Since that time, Permasert couplings have been accepted as an industry standard and helped utilities throughout the world simplify service line installations and save money. The reason for this success is simple. Permasert couplings are safe and remarkably easy to install. In addition, Permasert couplings are non-corrosive and require no cathodic protection or protective coatings.

Permasert couplings utilize a tapered collet and a stainless steel support ring to “grip” the tubing. With this system, the greater the pull-out force, the more tightly the collet grips the tubing. As a result, the pull-out strength of Permasert couplings is greater than the connected polyethylene tubing. Under normal conditions, the Permasert coupling imparts almost no stress on the PE tubing.

The coupling’s one-piece construction ensures consistent, gas-tight connections in any weather condition.
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Since its introduction, the Permasert Mechanical Coupling has become the number one polyethylene mechanical fitting in the world. In achieving and maintaining this valued leadership position, Elster Perfection has worked hard to earn the confidence of its customers. We’re proud that with a 30-year track record and over 40 million Permasert couplings in use in every conceivable climate and soil condition, Permasert continues to deliver safe, reliable performance.
Saves Time and Money
One area of focus is the installation of new gas services and the repair of existing services. For this reason many utilities are re-evaluating their method of joining plastic pipe. An ever increasing number of utilities, and their contractors, are arriving at the same conclusion … Permasert mechanical couplings offer significant total installed cost savings compared to alternate connection methods. Why? It’s simple. Permasert takes one person only a few minutes to install … without any expensive equipment or extensive training. All you do is cut the PE piping, chamfer the end, mark the proper stab depth and insert the PE piping into the coupling. That’s it. No torque requirements and no special tools.
Fast, safe and easy … saving you time and money.
  • Fast and easy installation, requires only one person.
  • Total installed cost savings versus electrofusion and heat-fusion joined polyethylene.
  • No special tools, costly installation equipment, or special training required to install.
  • Smaller ditch required means lower excavation and restoration costs.
  • Non-corrosive couplings eliminate the need for protective coatings and cathodic protection.
  • Safe, dependable performance for over 30 years. More than 40 million installed worldwide.
  • Minimal stress on PE tubing.
  • Molded from industry leading PE4710/PE3408.
  • Available in metric sizes.
  • All weather installations.
  • Easiest method for installation of EFVs into the service line.
  • Field studies prove Permasert couplings save as much as 50% compared to fusion methods.

Elster Permasert Mechanical Coupling

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