Permasert blind end stubs and caps are non-corrosive and require no cathodic protection or protective coatings.

Permasert Blind End Stubs and Caps safely shut off gas services or close the end of a service line. Blind End Stubs permanently shut off the gas service while Blind End Caps contain Permasert components under the blind end allowing for easy connection to the gas line at a future date after removal of the cap.

Permasert Blind End Stubs and Caps are among the most popular mechanical couplings sold by Honeywell Perfection because they provide outstanding cost savings and reliability versus other methods of terminating services.

  • Caps include a molded-in cut line on the removable dome (Permasert components on both ends of the coupling)
  • Stubs contain a safety warning label on the dead-end side of the coupling
  • Industry’s leading stab coupling for PE joining
  • No special tools or training
  • One piece construction
  • No need for generators or other costly installation equipment
  • Reduced trench/ditch size for Permasert installations
  • Molded from industry proven PE4710/Bimodal PE3408 resin
  • Sizes from 1/2″ CTS to 2″ IPS. Also available in metric sizes.
  • Independent gripping collet and elastomeric seals
  • Caps may be used as a permanent or temporary termination of the gas main or service
  • Stubs allow for quick, safe, and permanent termination of a service line (Permasert components in the open end of the coupling only)
  • Total installed cost savings versus electrofusion and heat-fusion joining methods
  • Fast and easy installation in less than a minute
  • No parts to lose or damage during installation
  • Allows for one person installations in all weather conditions
  • Reduces excavation and restoration costs versus fusion methods
  • Non-corrosive couplings and components provide outstanding long term performance, eliminating the need for special coatings and cathodic protection
  • Minimal stress is applied to the PE piping. Couplings have a pull-out strength greater than the connected PE piping
  • Safe, dependable performance for more than 30 years with more than 40 million Permasert couplings installed around the world

Permasert Blind End Stubs and Caps

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