The Honeywell Perfection PermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tee offers gas line installers a unique combination of speed, economy and security when connecting a service line to a gas main.

PermaLock tapping tees can be installed in as little as five minutes without the need for expensive fusion equipment. The simplicity of its installation procedure eliminates the need for extensive training and multi-person crews. Additionally, PermaLock tees can be installed without shutting down the main.

Our full-encirclement tapping tee is designed to ensure a reliable, gas tight connection. The tee features a patented ratchet-style cutter that not only creates the port for gas flow, but securely locks the tee onto the gas main, preventing any movement or loosening of the connection. In addition, the cutter’s locking sleeve is designed for minimal protrusion into the main, thereby allowing efficient pigging of the line.
Save Time and Money vs. Heat Fusion
In today’s competitive environment, utilities and contractors are looking for the most efficient method of installing gas services including tapping into a new or existing gas main. What these installers are finding is that PermaLock tees take only one person as little as five minutes to install without any expensive fusion equipment or extensive training.
Field studies prove PermaLock mechanical tees save as much as 50% compared to fusion methods.
  • Installs in as little as five minutes
  • Cutter assembly locks into the gas main preventing rotation and axial movement of the tee on the main
  • Full-encirclement design creates extra connection support
  • Large gas port (.80″ on 2″ to 12″ mains/.55″ on 1-1/4″ mains) for high flow capacity
  • Saves money vs heat fusion or electro fusion tapping tees
  • More than 20 years of safe, reliable operation
  • Permits pigging of the main
  • No special tools or costly installation equipment – Suitable for all polyethylene service tee to main connections (no “dissimilar fusion” concerns)
  • Molded from industry leading PE3408/PE4710
  • PermaTite® cap hand tightens for easy installation, improving safety and long-term performance

PermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tee

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