Monitoring station

  • Terminals on the outside of the lid provide fast, convenient test checks.
  • Available with pre-wiring to outside terminals in the lid. One red and one black 15′ coil of plastic coated, #12 AWG type THW, 600 volt, oil resistant solid copper wire is contained in the station.
  • Wires easily uncoil to reach connection points.
  • Stations with terminals but no wires is available.
  • The 15″ plastic box has a 2⅜” I.D. and is available in either straight or flanged top for installation at grade level.
  • Made from SUPERIOR GRADE ABS plastic. It’s long lasting and won’t rust, rot or corrode.
  • Adjustable to grade test stations are available upon request.
  • Boxes are flared and squared to prevent pull-out, turning, or settling.
  • Cast iron lids are marked “Test 1 2”.
  • You may order custom lids for an additional charge.
  • A permanent “Real” magnet is in every box for easy location with electronic locater.
  • Monitor lids available in marker posts.
  • Underground installation protects the station from vandalism and is esthetically superior. However, above ground monitor stations are also available.
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