High Security Locking Device for Meter Swivel Nuts

Meter Swivel Nut Locks are a high security lock designed to restrict access and removal of the gas meter swivel nut. The contoured design completely encompasses the nut. The Meter Swivel Nut Lock is manufactured from heavy duty carbon steel and has been heat treated to provide excellent resistance to cutting and sawing with ordinary household tools. The entire assembly has been specially plated to resist the corrosive effects of moisture and harsh environments. Meter Swivel Nut Locks are available in a variety of sizes to fit most 5 LT to 60 LT meter swivel nuts.

  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction
  • Contoured design completely encloses the meter nut
  • Available in sizes to fit most 5 LT to 60 LT meter swivel nuts
  • Case hardened to resist cutting tools
  • Optional metal sealing ferrule offers a durable sealing provision
  • Available with your choice of standard length barrel lock
  • Plated for corrosion resistance
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