How We Touch People’s Lives:

As employees of Tecvalco, we go to work every day and do our jobs. We put forth our best effort. We create. We build. For some of us that means an actual physical product, and for others it could be something less concrete, like a relationship, or a spreadsheet, or a plan, or a quote. Regardless of what it is, we are all working together to build one thing – a strong company that provides reliable products and services to important industries.

But how often do we stop and really think about what those products and services are, and what they do? More importantly, what do those products and services do for the people around us, and for our own friends and families?

One starting point is to consider the various products we sell to the natural gas distribution industry, but before one can see the significance of what we provide, we need to understand the importance of the industry itself. It is natural gas, being piped all over the country, the continent, and most of the world, that allows for easy and reliable heat. It helps cook meals, warm homes, heat water, and so much more. Our products, like the CWT Heater, the Honeywell couplings, the meter sets, the pipe, horizontal directional drilling equipment, and much more, all help with the transmission of that natural gas.

So, that heater that we are helping to build and ship out of the factory, or those gas risers we are helping package up to ship out, are vital pieces in a puzzle that ensures that a hospital can wash a newborn baby with warm water, or that an elderly patient is kept warm over night. Those same products help ensure that we have a hot meal at night, and that our families are safe and warm through nasty winters. The products we ship out could be what is preventing our lines from freezing under your sidewalk during the winter, and conversely what cooks our steak on that natural gas barbeque in the summer. Oh, and the lines in our houses that get the gas from the meter to the furnace, hot water tank, or barbeque? Those could be our Diamondback Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing products.

Our products are often selected to be part of the Tecvalco offering because they make life better for workers in the field. We offer ergonomic equipment as well as items with significant safety featuresand many of our goods offer both. Items such as the Airammer, Soil Pick, and Ergo Tamp have both vital safety features and back-saving ergonomic designs. Focusing further into the safety items, we provide products, such as the SENSIT line of gas detection equipment, that help save lives of workers in the natural gas industry, firefighters, oil industry labourers, and many more. We also provide a major safety improvement to the oil industry in North Dakota. Our CWT Oilfield Heater is used in vertical heater treater applications, where the traditional method – firetubes – is incredibly dangerous. Our solution is far safer.

Looking at the bigger picture, many of the products we provide have considerable environmental-friendly features. Returning to the CWT Heater, this technology generates and transfers heat into natural gas lines utilizing much less fuel than a traditional water bath heater. Which means less emissions from the heater. We also provide a line of secondary containment for the oil industry whose sole job is to help prevent produced fluids from oil wells from escaping into the environment during a leak.

So yeah, when we walk into the office or factory each day it can seem like it is “just a job” – but it’s not. Every member of our team is doing their part to make the world a better place, in concrete and measurable ways. The products we help get out the door make people’s lives better – be it a worker in the field or our very own loved ones.

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