Flow Stopping System / 2″ – 4″ up to 120 psi

Features and Advantages:

  • Lightweight and portable equipment makes it easy to handle and install
  • User-friendly and simple design
  • Single tap with one stopping tool provides multiple functions
  • 3X safety factor with a gas-tight seal
  • Patented MDS stopper
  • Reduced operational expenses on every stop

System Specifications:

The Kleiss MCS120-24 is an industry changing tapping and flow-stopping system for the natural gas industry.

  • Sized for pipe diameters ranging from 2″ to 4″
  • Use with pressures up to 120 psi
  • Current system setup is designed for steel pipe (other pipe material options available soon)

Mainline Control Systems MCS120-24 Flow Stopping System

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