Honeywell Permasert 2.0

Honeywell’s innovative Permasert coupling just got an upgrade!

Permasert means perfection inside and out!.
For more than 40 years and 50 million installations, Permasert couplings have meant safe, reliable gas distribution.

The Proven Gas Coupling. Now with inner and outer seals.

Lower Costs, Fewer Hassles

A Permasert fitting creates a permanent seal just as a fusion joint does – yet a Permasert installation is much faster. You’ll also reduce your costs for tools and labor, and can complete installations in a wider range of conditions, with fewer limits and complications.
  • Easy installation in as few as 5 minutes with tools that fit in a pocket.
  • Get a permanent seal without rescheduling: Install in nearly any weather or other dirty conditions.
  • Training takes only 1 hour, vs. 4+ hours for electrofusion and conventional fusing fittings.
  • Cleaner and greener: No power source needed, no noise, no pollution.

Permasert 2.0 gas coupling

Permasert 2.0

  • INNER DIAMETER SEAL: Helps protect against nuisance leaks from scratched pipe.
  • OUTER DIAMETER SEAL: Helps protect against variations in wall thickness.
  • TWO-PIECE STIFFENER: More flexible than single-piece stiffeners to minimize gaps and stress.
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