Honeywell Perfection service line risers and transition fittings

Honeywell Perfection provides the natural gas industry’s first combination plastic/steel anodeless service riser.

The first gas service line riser is still the best for providing utilities a safer and more economical means of distributing natural gas. Since its introduction, nearly 20 million Honeywell Perfection risers have been installed throughout the world. Honeywell Perfection now produces a wide variety of riser products designed to meet your unique installation requirements:

Anodeless service line risers

Our risers enable you to make a permanent meter set connection that requires no cathodic protection . . . available with Permasert® coupling or fusion outlets and single or double seals.

Custom risers

We offer a wide variety of “standard” options allowing you to economically customize a riser to meet your specific requirements . . . from sizes and materials to configurations and accessories.

Servi-Sert® risers

Servi-Sert top-connected anodeless risers outperform all other service-head adapter style risers for safety and ease of installation. These risers are available in flexible and prebent models.

Transition fittings

Our steel-to-polyethylene transition fittings provide a pull-out strength greater than the PE tubing to which they’re connected.
  • All Elster Perfection risers are coated end-to-end for superior corrosion resistance
  • Easy-to-install safe plastic-to-steel transition
  • No cathodic protection required
  • Available with Permasert® couplings or fusion outlets
  • Available with below grade secondary fire seal
  • Prebent, straight, or flexible configurations
  • Protective end-to-end coatings available including electrostatically applied epoxy powder or galvanized zinc
  • Available in metric sizes
  • Available with pre-installed gascock
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