Gas Meter Brackets

Gas Meter brackets are typically used to support gas meter service installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

ECSI is proud to offer a wide range of gas meter brackets that not only make installations easier, but also offer safety and durability benefits.

Because of environmental conditions, meter brackets need to be durable and withstand the elements for many years into the future. Our gas meter brackets are manufactured from heavy gauge, hot rolled steel for durability and feature epoxy or polyester powder coated surfaces for superior corrosion resistance.

Because individual utilities have their own specific standards, and since line connections can take place in less than ideal space conditions resulting in unique installation challenges, ECSI varies its installation procedures to meet site and utility requirements. Since 1973, ECSI has designed and produced nearly 100 different designs for meter bracketing and support systems.

Gas Meter Bracket Features:

  • Wide variety of designs for foundations or remote installations
  • Standoffs ranging from 4″ to 12″
  • Fixed and adjustable styles available
  • Custom designs for your specific application needs

Adjustable Riser Brackets

Adjustable gas meter brackets offer a custom fit in the field without having to stock a large range of sizes and mounting options. You will appreciate this versatility when you are in the middle of a gas line installation and need a different size bracket.

Energy Control Systems knows the importance of having the right meter bracket for the job. That is why we offer a range of siding meter brackets.

Like all of our gas meter support systems, the siding meter brackets are proudly manufactured in the USA and are designed from our years of experience in supporting the gas industry. Our siding meter brackets feature hot rolled steel to provide a strong and durable connection and feature epoxy or polyester powder coatings because they provide the highest protection against corrosion and the elements.

Our biggest advantage is the ability to provide the right solution to your application challenge. We can provide either stock or custom designed siding meter brackets in the quantity and style that best meets your requirements.

Universal Gas Riser Support System
Foundation or Remote Meter Bracket

When a structure is not available or when foundation systems cannot be used, look to ECSI for a variety of remote assemblies that provide safe and secure mounting of gas meters and gas risers.

Fixed Foundation Gas Riser Brackets

Fixed foundation gas riser brackets are designed to support gas line risers at a specific distance from a wall or building foundation. We offer brackets ranging from 4” to 12.

Gas Meter Brackets

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