Hand-held laser remote gas leak detector.

The GAS•TRAC® LZ-30 from SENSIT Technologies is a compact methane-specific leak detector that provides fast and accurate readings at distances up to 100 feet.

The LZ-30 utilizes TDLAS (tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy) technology to provide instantaneous and accurate responses to the presence of methane gas as low as 5 ppm-m.

Designed to be competitively priced, the LZ-30 is perfect for hard to reach areas, eliminating the need to directly access the gas plume, climb to elevated areas, or access fenced-in property, or other potentially hazardous situations.

Quickly and safely detect methane gas leaks in difficult to reach areas with the GAS-TRAC® LZ-30.

Features and Benefits:
  • Methane Selective
  • Continuous Detection
  • Adjustable Alarm Points
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 100 Foot Detection Range
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cal Cell Integrated in Carrying Case
  • Natural Gas Leak Inspection
  • Methane Pipeline Inspections
  • Emergency Response Investigations
  • Remote Methane Gas Detection
  • Residential Property Gas Leak Detection
  • Commercial Property Gas Leak Detection

Gas Trac LZ30 Laser Remote Gas Leak Detector

SENSIT Technologies
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