Excess Flow Valves (EFV)

The safe delivery of gas remains a primary mission of the worldwide natural gas industry.

To help accomplish this fundamental task, more and more utilities are taking safeguards to minimize occurrences of blowing gas due to pipe line breaks caused by third party damage and natural disasters. The easiest, most dependable, and economical way is with an EFV excess flow valve from Elster Perfection.

Excess flow valves are incorporated into Elster’s Permasert® couplings, PermaLock® Mechanical Tapping Tees, and other gas distribution products – making the installation of an EFV as easy as installing Elster Perfection products. These self-actuating valves automatically close when gas flow exceeds a predetermined rate.

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  • Self-actuating valve.
  • Automatic reset with line pressure is equalized. Full shut off design also available.
  • Consistent trip flow rate.
  • Easy to install using Elster Perfection Permasert® couplings, PermaLock® mechanical tapping tees, polyethylene sticks, and more.
  • Industry leading flow characteristics.
  • Metallic valve housing provides consistent operation without binding in coil PE tubing.