For Trace Wire Connections

Direct Bury Lug Yellow

Product Specifications & Measurements:

Max. Voltage: 50V
Connector Size: 1.138” x 1.617”
Wire Range:
#14-10 Solid Copper
#14-10 Steel Core Tracer Wire
Silicone Sealant Temperature Rating: -45°F to 400°F


Lug: Tin plated high conductivity aluminum
Screws: Zinc plated steel
Housing: High impact polypropylene
Sealant: Non-hardening viscous dielectric silicone

  • Designed for low voltage tracer splices and cathodic applications up to 50V
  • Install service line without cutting the main line
  • Waterproof and corrosion proof
  • Pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens
  • Installs in one minute or less
  • Manufacturer approved for direct bury

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