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TuffRod Drill Pipe is made to the industry standard S135 Specification

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At TuffRod, drill rod isn’t a side business. Just high quality HDD drill rod, backed by the industry’s most respected and knowledgeable experts. American owned and operated, specializing in one-piece forged S135 grade drill rod, TuffRod is here to make sure you have the right rod for your HDD project.

No Board of Directors to deal with. No distractions building drills or other equipment. All we do is manufacture quality product and keep costs under control in order to provide the best drill rod at the best price.

  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI (The maximum stress the material will sustain before fracture).
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI (The stress corresponding to a specified permanent (plastic) deformation – the point at which the material yields and won’t spring back).
  • Elongation .7% EUL (The increase in the gauge length, measured after fracture of the specimen within the gauge length, usually expressed as a percentage of the original gauge length / EUL Extension Under Load).
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