The Diamondback Advantage

The CSST solution that makes you money!

Diamondback® Flexible Gas Piping is a corrugated, semi-rigid stainless steel tubing (CSST) with yellow polyethylene plastic jacket that identifies it internationally as gas piping. Design certified by International Approval Services (IAS), it is one of the most innovative building products introduced on the market in recent years.

The innovative Diamondback® Flexible Gas Piping features less corrugations than similar products, which results in greater flow of natural gas or liquid propane. This provides opportunities to utilize smaller diameter pipe – saving you time and money, and making you more competitive! As an added bonus, the Diamondback is more rigid than other products, and flexes less inside the building. The end result, faster and cleaner installs with a more economic product!

Diamondback is the fastest and most economical system for new construction installations. This means you make more money and can be more competitive on bids!

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