Abrasion-Resistant Pipe Support System

DiamaShoe™ is a manufactured two-component fiber- reinforced polymer (FRP) pipe support system, which includes 100% solids epoxy and fiberglass fabric.

Use DiamaShoe™ as a high-strength method to protect and extend the life of your new or existing piping from abrasion and corrosion typically associated with metal pipe supports. DiamaShoe™, in combination with Citadel Technologies’ SLS-Series™, is an economic and light-weight alternative to metal pipe supports. Installation is quick, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. DiamaShoe™ can be applied to steel, concrete, or any other substrate.


  • Suitable for protecting piping, pipelines, and welds
  • Light weight – does not add weight to the pipe
  • High compressive strength
  • Increased bond strength vs. metal pipe support
  • UV resistant
  • Long term durability
  • Prevents future external corrosion on the pipe and does not corrode once installed
  • Abrasion-resistant!
  • No hot works permits for installation!
  • Industries include transmission pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and more

DiamaShoe pipe support system

Citadel Technologies
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