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Tools to make your job easier and safer.

Cumberland Products Tools Division offers a products driven by one simple concept - common sense.

Cumberland ProductsCumberland Tools is a manufacturer of specialty custom products for the utility industry. As you look through their products, you will see a true customization to their work. That’s because many of their products are a direct result of fulfilling requests from utilities across the country.

Cumberland offers a variety of tools, fabricated steel products, and plastic molded parts; manufactured to respond to the needs of utility technicians and field experts.

We strive to make every field engineers’ work just a little easier!

Cumberland Tools that we carry:

Commercial Brackets

Plastic Products

Electrofusion Products

Valve Key Wrench

Valve Cover Lifter

Retz Regulator Tool

Regulator Tester

Purge / Test Fitting

Pulling Plug / Pulling Head / Weak Link / Mud Plug

Pipe Wrench Assist

MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench

Gas Tornado

EZ T-Probe

EZ Jack Plunger

EZ Ground Rod