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Specify. Install. Locate.

It’s that easy. Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire Systems provide the most reliable, efficient, accurate locate signal on underground utilities in the industry. Copperhead® Industries is the world’s largest copper-clad steel tracer wire supplier, engineering tracer wire to match specific installation methods. Specifying the right tracer wire has never been more important. Protect your investment. Protect your infrastructure. Specify Copperhead.

Innovatively Better.Copperhead Logo Copper-clad steel tracer wire was pioneered by Copperhead Industries and introduced to underground construction in 2004. Copperhead continues to serve the water & wastewater, gas, and telecommunication industries by providing reliable products to easily locate underground utilities. Copperhead tracer wire is manufactured in the USA and designed with American quality and ingenuity. Only Copperhead offers 100+ years of wire cladding experience with every piece of copper-clad steel tracer wire. When you install Copperhead tracer wire, expect value, reliability, and the best service industry-wide.

Copperhead Tracer Wire

Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire System

Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire System makes locating nonmetallic underground utilities easier and more complete. Our system works. It’s just that simple. Copperhead offers engineers, municipalities, and utilities a locating system that can be specified and includes Copperhead tracer wire, SnakePit and Cobra access boxes, Locking SnakeBite connectors, Copperhead grounding anodes, and the ViperMag pipe and cable locator. You get end-to-end reliability helping you pinpoint the location of your utility.