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Cetco Drilling ProductsCETCO, which offers various drilling fluids, is a division of CETCO – which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMCOL International Corporation. Offering a wide assortment of high quality bentonite HDD fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, and additives, CETCO can help maximize your drilling efficiency and meet your needs in the field. Their complete line of professional products are specifically designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by controlling and improving fluid properties. Each and every drilling product is supported by our experienced team of field engineers and research scientists.

Cetco Drilling Fluids help with an HDD operation

Focused on earning trust

For the contractors, consultants, and engineers – know that our sales and technical support can guide you through any project – from pre-construction and product seletion to mixing and disposal – no matter how challenging the project.

Innovative product development

Whether we’ve created new, more cost-effective products or introducing premium products that lead the industry, we’re doing so with our customer’s success in mind.

CETCO is committed to bringing you innovative, cost-effective products that go beyond merely meeting your needs for all drilling related markets. They are dedicated to providing our customers the newest solutions in drilling product technology.