Copperhead Industries sets the standard for copper-clad steel tracer wire.

Dedicated to the Underground Construction Industry

Tracer wire is not just another product to us. Copperhead Industries believes that utilities and contractors should have complete confidence in the products they use to locate underground infrastructure. They strive to deliver a product that’s strong and reliable, is corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, and delivers superior performance.

Our products work! It’s just that simple.

From open ditch, to directional drilling, to pipe bursting, Copperhead offers a product that an be specified. Copperhed brought copper-clad steel tracer wire to you in 2004 and continues to serve utilities and contractors by providing reliable products to easily locate underground utilities.

Copperhead Industries – the intelligent choice for locating underground utilities

Copperhead Industries offers the only complete tracer wire system in the industry. The system includes Copperhead tracer wire, SnakePit and Cobra T3 test stations, grounding anodes, SnakeBite locking connectors, and the ViperMag locator. You get end-to-end reliability which helps you pinpoint the
exact location of the underground utility.
  • End to end reliability
  • Our “complete system” improves the locate signal
  • Locate your utility with pin-point accuracy
  • More durable, longer lasting performance
  • More stable, longer term pricing
  • Direct connection point makes it easy to connect to your tracer wire
  • Copperhead Tracer Wire
  • SnakePit Test Stations
  • Grounding Anodes
  • SnakeBite Locking Connectors
  • ViperMag Locator
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