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Manufacturing Service

Industrial Insulating and Cladding

Completion with expertise Yet another service offered by Tecvalco Ltd. is custom insulating and cladding.

Many of the custom products that we produce in our fabrication shop require insulation and cladding in order to get to a polished and finished product. We are please to be able to offer this service as part of what we Read More

Industrial Insulating and Cladding

Ten-Ton Plate Rolling

Heavy duty plate rolling Grit Industries is equipped with a 10-Ton Plate Roller. Read More

Water-Jet Cutting

Cool and Precise Water-Jet Cutting Our water jet cutter has no “heat affected zone” – effectively minimizing the impact of the cut on the inherent structure or properties of the material.

With a narrow cut, and a pressure of 87,000 psi, we can slice through a thickness of up to 8”, and can work with a Read More


Experienced and Dedicated Welding Team Whether you require general welding services or the expertise of a B-pressure welder, Tecvalco’s welding staff is qualified, experienced and delivers superior workmanship. Read More

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