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Manufacturing Service

Tank and Vessel Parts Fabrication

Quality fabricated parts Top quality parts produced using the latest automation to ensure cost-effectiveness. Read More

CNC Pipe Cutting

Quick and Accurate With high industry demand to cut pipe and the challenge to cut complex shapes out of pipe with speed and accuracy, Tecvalco Ltd. applied their ingenuity to address the problem. We engineered a modification to our CNC Plasma Cutter to allow for pipe to be cut quickly and accurately. 2-Axis CNC Read More

CNC Press Break

High Precision Metal Forming Tecvalco Ltd. is equipped with two CNC press brakes for high-precision metal forming.

Specifications (140 Ton Press Brake):

Working / Bending Length 10 feet
Press Capacity – 140 Ton
ATL 500 CNC Controls
Memory Capacity – Up To 8 Programs (80 steps)

Specifications (220 Ton Press Brake):

Working / Bending Length 12 feet Read More

CNC Plasma Cutting

Robust Cutting Capability Tecvalco Ltd. offers plasma cutting services with our CNC controlled plasma table. With a large cutting table, our plasma table handles material from 18 gauge to 1-1/4″ plate.


Plate cutting capability up to 10ft wide x 24ft length
Plate thickness cutting capability – 18 gauge to 1-1/4″ plate
Cutting accuracy to within 0.010 Read More

Custom Roll Forming

Wide Variety of Galvanized Panel Products

Tecvalco’s Cold-Roll Forming Line can manufacture continuous length panels in widths ranging from 8” to 46”; and in material thicknesses from 10 to 16 gauge.

Material can be formed into complex shapes to create an endless Read More

Custom Metal Fabrication

From Napkin to Prototype

For designers and engineers looking for manufacturing services, Tecvalco Ltd. provides custom fabrication services.

Provide us with your design and construction drawings and we will transform your idea into a finished product.

Tecvalco is also happy to provide the Read More

Custom Drafting

Experience and Expertise

Have a product idea that you are looking to develop? Let our custom drafting service team assist you.

Using current Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, our team of experienced designers and draftsman will take your concept or idea and produce a complete set of engineering drawings, ready for construction or manufacturing.

Read More

Geka Hydracrop Dual Station Ironworker

Geka Hydracrop Dual Station Ironworker Specifications:
• Shear for flats – 24” x 5/8” and 16” x 7/8”
• Shear for section iron – L at right angle (non-deformation system) 6” x 6” x ½”
• Notching capability – sheet metal thickness up to ½”
• Punching tool, maximum capacity – 1-1/2” x ¾” Contact Us Today! Read More

Sandblasting and Painting

Sandblasting and Blasting Full Service Sandblasting and Painting Tecvalco has an outdoor sandblasting unit that allows us to blast almost any size of material. Read More

Pipe Bending

Pipe bending services Tecvalco Ltd.. offers a full range of pipe bending services utilizing the latest in fabrication technology.

It’s just another part of our overall design and manufacturing facilities capabilities. Contact Us Today!

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