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Vulcan Signs offers a wide range of top-quality signs Vulcan Signs is an exclusive 3M™ manufacturer and offers a complete line of Traffic Control and Special Application Signs in all types of Reflective Sheeting: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, VIP Diamond Grade and the newest, brightest and best-performing sheeting on the market, DG 3.

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Valve Key Wrench

Built for strength and durability

The Valve Key Wrenches are built for strength and durability.

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Valve Cover Lifter

Conveniently lift dual-pick-point valve covers Cumberland’s Universal Valve Cover Lifter is your tool to conveniently lift dual pick point valve covers. Its single-handed operation and lightweight design make it easy to operate. Read More

Retz Regulator Tool

Comprehensive tool to set service regulators

Work more efficiently using the Retz Regulator Tool!

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Regulator Tester

Easy regulator testing!

Setting your regulators has never been easier.

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Purge / Test Fitting

Reusable and configurable

The fitting is designed for high volume quick and easy air pressure testing of polyethylene pipe.

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Pulling Plug / Pulling Head / Weak Link / Mud Plug

Protect pipe during installation

Used together or separately, these products help protect pipe during installation.

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Pipe Wrench Assist

Increase mechanical leverage!

The Pipe Wrench Assist Tool creates the mechanical leverage equal to one pipe wrench larger to break the most stubborn connections.

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MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench

Multi-purpose tool with meter nut wrench

The MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench is a multi-purpose tool with a meter nut wrench on one end and a meter valve wrench on the opposite.

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Gas Tornado

Ideal for rapidly purging gas from test holes The Gas Tornado uses the Venturi effect to aggressively suction the affected area and is ideal for rapidly purging gas from test holes, removing gas in hazardous areas, and for cleaning the soil of residual gas after a repair is made. Read More

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