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Snake Pit Access Point

Protect and Directly Connect to Your Tracer Wire System Light Duty, Lite Duty Adjustable, Lite Duty XL, Concrete/Driveway, Roadway

The SnakePit® Access Point is a protective, at-grade tracer wire termination and grounding station. It provides a direct connection point for a utility locate transmitter to hook to a tracer wire system. The new Two-terminal Switchable Lid also Read More

VersaPIPE® 4710 GAS

High Density Polyethylene Pipe for Gas Distribution.

Manufactured from Dow Continuum DGDA 2490 PE4710 high density polyethylene.

Certified to NSF gas, ASTM D2513 and CSA B137.4.

Higher toughness for extreme conditions.

PE4710 resin used for Versapipe 4710 Gas products lead to pipes featuring exceptionally high long term hydrostatic strength, along with outstanding resistance to slow crack growth and Read More

VersaPIPE® 2708 BM Gas

Medium Density Bimodal Polyethylene Pipe for Gas Distribution

Manufactured from PE2708, certified to NSF gas, ASTM D2513 and CSA B137.4

Higher toughness for extreme conditions.

Bimodal PE2708 resin used for Versapipe 2708 BM Gas products lead to pipes featuring exceptionally high long term hydrostatic strength, along with outstanding resistance to slow crack growth and to rapid crack Read More

Commercial Brackets

A wide variety of commercial brackets from Cumberland Products

Support brackets of this size are typically used when supporting large industrial meters and/or large multiple meter sets. They are fully adjustable and the top clamp sizes are interchangeable with all brackets. Custom sizes and options are available.

 Part Number Read More

Plastic Products

Quality plastic products from Cumberland

Cumberland Products offers a wide variety of plastic solutions and products for use in the natural gas distribution industry.

Cumberland Tool Beyer Box

Beyer Box.

Over time, you run into buried meter set valves, inaccessible valves, and bare steel piping without Read More

Electrofusion Products

Fuse pipe in the field

Cumberland Products Electrofusion Division offers a wide variety of solutions and products to fuse pipes in the field.

The IQ Clamp Series and the IQ Scraper Series are intelligent products for the polyethylene pipe market.

Cumberland Tool Pencil Scrapers

Single end pencil Read More

FML-3 Fisher Magnetic Locator

Fisher FML-3 Ferro Magnetic Locator

A robust and waterproof magnetic locator designed for the field.

Read More


Hand-held laser remote gas leak detector.
The GAS•TRAC® LZ-30 from SENSIT Technologies is a compact methane-specific leak detector that provides fast and accurate readings at distances up to 100 feet. Read More

SENSIT® IRED Infrared Ethane Detector

SENSIT IRED Ethane Detector for fast and accurate analysis of natural gas from pipelines. SENSIT® IRED is a state-of-the-art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

Read More

FrostHog® Ground Frost Removal System

Safety-Certified, Patented Ground Frost Removal Equipment

Why FROSTHOG® Ground Frost Removal System?

THE ANSWER for any excavation in frozen ground!

For hand exposing pipeline crossings, utility lines, graves.


The FROSTHOG® is easily transported on its own self-loading trailer.

It operates on the principle of efficiently igniting and burning propane gas in a u-shaped tube. Maximum Read More

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