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Tank and Vessel Parts

ULTRA-TRAC® APL Acoustic Pipe Locator – Find buried water lines with no tracer wire

ULTRA-TRAC® APL finds unmarked underground pipe fast and accurately!


ULTRA-TRAC® APL is the perfect choice when it is necessary to accurately locate unmarked, underground piping systems. Natural gas, water and sewer laterals are easily traced using state-of-the-art acoustic technology. The APL will significantly reduce the number of unlocatable and identify potential cross bore Read More

ULTRA-TRAC® MJL Metallic Joint Locator

ULTRA-TRAC® MJL makes locating metallic pipe features fast and accurate! ULTRA-TRAC ® MJL is the perfect choice when it is necessary to accurately locate Bell Joints, Repair Clamps or Service Connections on metallic piping systems. The MJL will significantly reduce the excavation area. This can greatly reduce street, sidewalk and driveway repair costs.

How It Works
The Read More

Trak-It® IIIa Combustible Gas Indicator

Designed for Extreme Working Conditions TRAK-IT® IIIa is the most durable and user friendly TRAK-IT available. Read More

SENSIT® PMD Portable Methane Detector

SENSIT® PMD performs gas leak surveys faster and with greater accuracy! Using the latest FILTERED INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY technology, the SENSIT® PMD allows users to perform gas
leak surveys fast, accurately and at the lowest operation cost. Read More

SENSIT® P100 Personal Single Gas Monitor

SENSIT® P100 will alert workers of dangerous levels of toxic gases or oxygen Protect yourself from hazardous gases with the SENSIT® P100. It is a single gas personal monitor designed to warn the user of hazardous gases in their working environment. Read More

SENSIT® HXG-2d Combustible Gas Leak Detector

SENSIT® HXG-2d combustible gas leak detector SENSIT® HXG-2d is the first affordable gas leak detector with a true digital display, because knowing exactly how much counts! Read More

SENSIT® HCN Toxic Gas Analyzer

SENSIT HCN monitors and warns of dangerous levels of Hydrogen Cyanide! SENSIT® HCN with its rugged construction and powerful rotary pump, hot air probe and bright LCD display makes it perfect for testing ambient air and hot gas samples. Read More

SENSIT® GOLD CGI Combustible Gas Indicator

Designed to help you find the source of combustible gases fast! SENSIT® GOLD CGI is a gas leak detector and confined space monitor in one user-friendly instrument. Read More

SMART-CAL™ Calibration Station

SMART-CAL quickly calibrates SENSIT® and Trak-It® instruments, stores data and manages instrument testing compliance. The SMART-CAL Calibration Station will automatically bump, calibrate, download and save calibration and bump test data of most SENSIT® and TRAK-IT® instruments with a Smart-Cal Link. Read More

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