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Hand-held laser remote gas leak detector.
The GAS•TRAC® LZ-30 from SENSIT Technologies is a compact methane-specific leak detector that provides fast and accurate readings at distances up to 100 feet. Read More

SENSIT® IRED Infrared Ethane Detector

SENSIT IRED Ethane Detector for fast and accurate analysis of natural gas from pipelines. SENSIT® IRED is a state-of-the-art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

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FrostHog® Ground Frost Removal System

Safety-Certified, Patented Ground Frost Removal Equipment

Why FROSTHOG® Ground Frost Removal System?

THE ANSWER for any excavation in frozen ground!

For hand exposing pipeline crossings, utility lines, graves.


The FROSTHOG® is easily transported on its own self-loading trailer.

It operates on the principle of efficiently igniting and burning propane gas in a u-shaped tube. Maximum Read More


Vulcan Signs offers a wide range of top-quality signs Vulcan Signs is an exclusive 3M™ manufacturer and offers a complete line of Traffic Control and Special Application Signs in all types of Reflective Sheeting: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, VIP Diamond Grade and the newest, brightest and best-performing sheeting on the market, DG 3.

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Specialty Epoxies

DiamondWrap® Specialty Epoxies

High Temperature and Acid DiamondWrap® Specialty Epoxies

Citadel Technologies is the industry leader in manufacturing specialty epoxies for use in specialized composite wrap and coating applications. Our epoxies go unmatched in range, quality, and performance. Our specialty epoxies include three different High Temperature systems and an Acid system designed for use with Read More


DiamondWrap® Subsea™ Epoxy System

DiamondWrap® SubSea™ is the premier carbon fiber wrap system used to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to damaged, corroded and eroded underwater piping systems.  Read More


DiamaForce™ Engineered Rehabilitation for Deteriorating Structures DIAMAFORCE™ is the premier carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminate designed for strengthening concrete, steel and masonry structures. DIAMAFORCE™ bonds to compromised structures as external reinforcement using Citadel Technologies’ high quality blend of two part epoxies. Typical Applications
Structural external reinforcement
Flexural and shear reinforcement
Bridge and column repair Read More


Abrasion-Resistant Pipe Support System DiamaShoe™ is a manufactured two-component fiber- reinforced polymer (FRP) pipe support system, which includes 100% solids epoxy and fiberglass fabric. Read More


Abrasion-Resistant Composite Coating DiamaShield™ is a multiple-component coating and abrasion resistant surface, which includes 100% solids epoxy, a fiberglass anchor surface and a PTFE component that improves drag resistance. Read More


DiamaPro™ Fiberglass Composite Repair System DIAMAPRO™ is the premier fiberglass composite wrap system engineered to rehabilitate and restore strength to corroded and eroded piping systems. Read More

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