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Hand-held laser remote gas leak detector.
The GAS•TRAC® LZ-30 from SENSIT Technologies is a compact methane-specific leak detector that provides fast and accurate readings at distances up to 100 feet. Read More

SENSIT® IRED Infrared Ethane Detector

SENSIT IRED Ethane Detector for fast and accurate analysis of natural gas from pipelines. SENSIT® IRED is a state-of-the-art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

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FrostHog® Ground Frost Removal System

Safety-Certified, Patented Ground Frost Removal Equipment

Why FROSTHOG® Ground Frost Removal System?

THE ANSWER for any excavation in frozen ground!

For hand exposing pipeline crossings, utility lines, graves.


The FROSTHOG® is easily transported on its own self-loading trailer.

It operates on the principle of efficiently igniting and burning propane gas in a u-shaped tube. Maximum Read More


Vulcan Signs offers a wide range of top-quality signs Vulcan Signs is an exclusive 3M™ manufacturer and offers a complete line of Traffic Control and Special Application Signs in all types of Reflective Sheeting: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, VIP Diamond Grade and the newest, brightest and best-performing sheeting on the market, DG 3.

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Brick Light™

Explosion Proof Light: Brick Light™ Kick-It Tough Explosion Proof Area Light

Explosion proof light.

Redefining portable lighting. Read More

LED Work Light

The STRIKER™: 8100 LED- Explosion Proof Work Light Shine a light on the darkest of work site conditions with The STRIKER™: 8100 LED, the ultimate explosion proof long handle work light. Read More

Explosion Proof Rechargeable Light

7403 – HID MH Explosion Proof Rechargeable Flashlight This light bodied rechargeable flashlight is compact in size yet one of the most durable and strong flashlights in its class. Read More

Hazardous Location LED Flashlight

7402 – LED Intrinsically Safe Flashlight (Spot Light) A versatile waterproof spot light with a wide range of applications, including use in gassy mines. Read More

Tank and Vessel Parts

ULTRA-TRAC® APL Acoustic Pipe Locator – Find buried water lines with no tracer wire

ULTRA-TRAC® APL finds unmarked underground pipe fast and accurately!


ULTRA-TRAC® APL is the perfect choice when it is necessary to accurately locate unmarked, underground piping systems. Natural gas, water and sewer laterals are easily traced using state-of-the-art acoustic technology. The APL will significantly reduce the number of unlocatable and identify potential cross bore Read More

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