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Meter Swivel Nut Locks

High Security Locking Device for Meter Swivel Nuts Meter Swivel Nut Locks are a high security lock designed to restrict access and removal of the gas meter swivel nut. Read More

Plunger Style Barrel Locks and Keys

Plunger Style Barrel Locks and Keys for Gas Utility Companies Inner-Tite manufactures a wide range of Barrel Lock and Key Systems that are designed for security, high performance and long life. Read More

Ringless Meter Socket Security Cover

High security meter blank

The Plastic Ringless Meter Socket Cover is a high security meter blank for use when the meter is removed. Read More

Rhino Ring

High security meter locking ring

The Rhino Ring is a high security hinged meter locking ring designed for quick and easy installation. Read More

Preloaded Barrel Lock

Preloaded barrel lock

Inner-Tite Preloaded Barrel Lock enables a barrel lock to be installed without a key Read More

Inner-Tite Padlocks

Padlocks: General Purpose Locking Devices Inner-Tite Padlock Locking Devices are excellent for locking a wide variety of metering appurtenances and can be used anywhere that a traditional padlock fits. Read More

Access Lock Box

Access Lock Box: High Security Lock Box for Meter Room Keys Access Lock Boxes from Inner-Tite ensure access to locked meter rooms without compromising security. Read More

Jiffy Lock

Preloaded ringless meter locking device

The Jiffy Lock is the strongest clamp-on ringless locking device you can buy…and now it has more features than ever!  Read More

Agbay Preload

Agbay Preload: High Security Disk Style Lock

The Agbay Barrel Lock, long recognized as the highest security disk style barrel lock, is now available in a preload version allowing for installation in the field without the need for a key.

Read More

Agbay Lock and Key

Premium Security Barrel Agbay Lock and Key System

The Agbay Lock and Key System is Inner-Tite’s premium security barrel lock and key.

The Agbay Lock and Key System offers utility companies the ultimate in protection by providing a virtually pick-proof security combined with a reliable, easy-to-use design. The Agbay System also features preload capability. Agbay Preload Read More

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