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T Model Multi-Box

This slip-type design protects the service from downward pressure and the box absorbs the pressure from above

  • Meets DOT requirement 192.181; “If the valve is installed in a buried box, the box must be installed so as to avoid transmitting external loads to the main.”
  • Easily adjusts to grade level. No need to dig Read More

Monitoring Stations

Monitoring station

Terminals on the outside of the lid provide fast, convenient test checks.
Available with pre-wiring to outside terminals in the lid. One red and one black 15′ coil of plastic coated, #12 AWG type THW, 600 volt, oil resistant solid copper wire is contained in the station.
Wires easily Read More

C Model Multi-Box

Slip-type Design That Protects the Service from Downward Pressure. Read More

Cathodic Test Stations

Reliable brass test stations Cathodic protection is only as good as the testing. That’s why you need reliable test stations like Handley’s.
The 15″ ABS plastic box has a 2⅜” I.D. and is available in multiple upper tube styles for installation at grade level.
Made from SUPERIOR GRADE ABS plastic. It’s long lasting and Read More

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