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DCD Design

Swivels and Connectors

Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins (Series 00000)

All clevis pins are manufactured from heat treated 416 Stainless Steel to provide superior strength and wear. Hardness is between 37-40 Rc. The DCD Clevis Pin is a shouldered type of pin rather than a simple straight pin without any head. This Read More

Wire Mesh Pulling and Support Grips

Pulling Grip

Single Weave, Single Eye, Light Duty (Series 00661)

These grips offer a flexible eye with single weave galvanized wire construction for light duty applications. They are also supplied in a kit with pouch.

Pulling Grip

Non-Conductive, Single/Double Weave, Single Read More

Cable Pulling Eyes

Electrical Cable Cable Pulling Eye Swivel Grip

Swivel-Grip (Series 00925)

The re-useable Swivel-Grip™ is used to install power cable and has a built-in swivel. The Swivel-Grip™ is constructed out of stainless steel with a radial bearing for bending load and a thrust bearing for tensile load. Grip is obtained Read More

Duct Installation and Proofing

DCD Design offers a full range of duct installation and proofing equipment Vibratory Plow Grip

Plow Grip (Series 00600)

This product is specifically designed for installation of PVC or PE duct by vibratory plow and is particularly suited to agricultural applications because of its quick installation and removal. Read More

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