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Commercial Brackets

A wide variety of commercial brackets from Cumberland Products

Support brackets of this size are typically used when supporting large industrial meters and/or large multiple meter sets. They are fully adjustable and the top clamp sizes are interchangeable with all brackets. Custom sizes and options are available.

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Plastic Products

Quality plastic products from Cumberland

Cumberland Products offers a wide variety of plastic solutions and products for use in the natural gas distribution industry.

Cumberland Tool Beyer Box

Beyer Box.

Over time, you run into buried meter set valves, inaccessible valves, and bare steel piping without Read More

Electrofusion Products

Fuse pipe in the field

Cumberland Products Electrofusion Division offers a wide variety of solutions and products to fuse pipes in the field.

The IQ Clamp Series and the IQ Scraper Series are intelligent products for the polyethylene pipe market.

Cumberland Tool Pencil Scrapers

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Valve Key Wrench

Built for strength and durability

The Valve Key Wrenches are built for strength and durability.

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Valve Cover Lifter

Conveniently lift dual-pick-point valve covers Cumberland’s Universal Valve Cover Lifter is your tool to conveniently lift dual pick point valve covers. Its single-handed operation and lightweight design make it easy to operate. Read More

Retz Regulator Tool

Comprehensive tool to set service regulators

Work more efficiently using the Retz Regulator Tool!

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Regulator Tester

Easy regulator testing!

Setting your regulators has never been easier.

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Purge / Test Fitting

Reusable and configurable

The fitting is designed for high volume quick and easy air pressure testing of polyethylene pipe.

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Pulling Plug / Pulling Head / Weak Link / Mud Plug

Protect pipe during installation

Used together or separately, these products help protect pipe during installation.

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Pipe Wrench Assist

Increase mechanical leverage!

The Pipe Wrench Assist Tool creates the mechanical leverage equal to one pipe wrench larger to break the most stubborn connections.

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