Explosion Proof Light: Brick Light™ Kick-It Tough Explosion Proof Area Light

Explosion proof light.

Redefining portable lighting. Explosion proof, wet location, confined space, and low voltage portable explosion proof lights.

  • XP-G LEDs emitting color at 6000K (+/- 200K)
  • UL approved for Hazardous Locations: CI, D1 and D2 Groups C and D; CII, D1 and D2, Groups E, F and G
  • Rate at ~11,520 lumens and >50,000 lux at 1 foot with optics
  • Reflective optical design for targeted focus (Available in 60° t0 120° dispersive beam angle)
  • Low current and DC Voltage to light: 48VDC and 3A
  • LEDs driven at: 0.35A and 3VDC
  • Temperature rating: T5
  • Conforms to UL STD 781, 844, 153, and 8750
  • Dimensions: Length = 10″ x Width = 5″ x Height = 5″
  • Weight: 10-13 lbs depending on model
  • Mounting: Magnet, Stake, Tripod, Hook, Adjustable Stands
  • Tank: Wet Location, Confined Space, Utility, Area Light
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