Pneumatically Powered Rammer

The Airammer™ is a pneumatically powered rammer. It eliminates a long list of engine related problems. There are no fuel or fuel mixing issues, no carburetor, no spark plug, no exhaust ports or muffler to foul with carbon, no rewind starter, no flooding problems, no air or fuel filters that can be plugged, no rpm issues, all of which affect performance.

The Airammer also offers the following advantages:

  • It’s the safest rammer made. A deadman handle stops all ramming action instantly whenever the operator releases his grip on the guiding handle
  • Very low hand/arm vibration, lower than any engine powered rammer
  • No sparks
  • Is the quietest rammer in the market place
  • The lack of exhaust fumes in bell holes and trenches is a health and safety issue for operations

The Airammer isn’t the right machine for every application, but it’s perfect for crews with ready access to an air compressor.

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