Premium Security Barrel Agbay Lock and Key System

The Agbay Lock and Key System is Inner-Tite’s premium security barrel lock and key.

The Agbay Lock and Key System offers utility companies the ultimate in protection by providing a virtually pick-proof security combined with a reliable, easy-to-use design. The Agbay System also features preload capability. Agbay Preload allows users to “preload” the barrel lock in a compatible locking device and then simply push on the lock to finalize installation. No key is needed to lock the Agbay Preload.

U.S. Patents: 7,703,311 • 7,775,071 • 8,365,559 • 8,925,360

Mexico Patent 279,720

  • Patented, premium security barrel locks with superior tamper resistance
  • Exclusive key combinations for every purchasing utility
  • Up to six security levels available offering maximum versatility
  • Agbay Preload Barrel Locks provide fast keyless installation
  • Agbay One Hand Anti-Rotation Key offers easy and convenient installation or removal of the barrel lock
  • Barrel locks are available in standard or short lengths, manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel
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