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307, 2018

Making a Difference

How We Touch People’s Lives: As employees of Tecvalco, we go to work every day and do our jobs. We put forth our best effort. We create. We build. For some of us that means an actual physical product, and for others it could be something less concrete, like a relationship, or a spreadsheet, or a plan, or a quote. Regardless of what it is, we are all working together to build one thing – a strong company that Read More

2706, 2018

Tech Note: Tecvalco CWT – Codes, Standards, and Area Classification

June 26th, 2018 | Technical Note: CWT-201809-06-001 | Tecvalco CWT: Codes, Standards, and Area Classification Read More

3001, 2018

Tecvalco USA Inc. signs Koons Gas Measurement as South-Central U.S. Distributor

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – Tecvalco USA Inc. is pleased to announce their new distribution partnership with Koons Gas Measurement (KGM) of Tulsa, Oklahoma. KGM will act as representative and distributor for Tecvalco’s Cold Weather Technologies (CWT) Heater product line in the states of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. KGM is considered a very respected and reputable organization. They are centered around customer service, field support, and cutting-edge technology. “We could not be happier than to partner with the KGM Read More

1801, 2018

Methane Leak Tracked Down with Vapour Extraction Unit Technology

MBWs VEU hard at work on a gas leak job. BOW ISLAND, AB – With the help of some innovative technology, supplied by Tecvalco Ltd., ATCO helped a land owner find an elusive source of methane detected on their property. The technology, a Vapour Extraction Unit (VEU), is manufactured by MBW Inc., but sold by Tecvalco in Canada. ATCO discovered methane during a standard line walk near Bow Island. They were checking the service line to a Read More

1801, 2018

Tecvalco Blending Powder Coating Division into Core Brand

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SK - At the start of 2017, Tecvalco Ltd. purchased Advantage Powder Coating in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and for the year the powder coating company continued to operate under that brand name. In 2018, that is changing, and the powder coating service will no longer operate under that name, and will instead be rolled into the Tecvalco core brand. The powder coating service will join Tecvalco's other services, such as custom manufacturing, fabrication, sand blasting, and more - Read More

1801, 2018

Wastewater Treatment Pilot in Saskatchewan Proves Itself in First Year

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SK - It has been a year of firsts for a new wastewater treatment system that is finding a home in Canada. The MemFree Wastewater Treatment System's pilot installation was turned on in early 2017 in Unity, Saskatchewan, and in the time since it started operation the system has been proving itself out. The installation, which is the first of its kind in Canada, has now operated through all the Canadian seasons, and has tackled almost a year's Read More

2011, 2017

Wastewater Treatment System Makes a Splash at WaterPro Conference

Tecvalco Ltd. and Soneera Water presented the revolutionary MemFree Wastewater Treatment System at WaterPro in September, and people are still talking about it. The 45-minute presentation, delivered by Soneera’s president Darrel Behan on September 20th, drew a crowd of 58 registered attendees. They came from all over the United States. In audience were representatives from numerous U.S. municipalities as well engineers from various state Rural Water Associations (RWA). The question and answer session after the presentation ran so long that Read More

1810, 2017

Tecvalco brings new set of customer-driven gas utility tools to Canada

Tecvalco Ltd., a major manufacturer and distributor to the Canadian natural gas utilities industry, announced recently that they have secured rights to bring Cumberland Tools to their Canadian customers. Read More

1409, 2017

Tech Note: Discontinuing Evaporator Line

September 5th, 2017 | Technical Note: CWT-20170905-001 | Notice of Coming Discontinuation of CWT Evaporator product line Read More

1008, 2017

Wastewater Treatment System Exceeding Expectations

With seven months of run-time behind it, the MemFree Wastewater Treatment System is exceeding expectations at the Town of Unity. And this bodes well for the province. The first-of-its-kind-in-Canada wastewater treatment system was installed in the Saskatchewan town back at the beginning of January 2017. Read More

1008, 2017

Tech Note: Shortened Stack on CWT 770 Heater

August 10th, 2017 | Technical Note: CWT-20170810-001 | Memo for Shortening of CWT 770 Heater Vent Stack Read More

206, 2017

Tecvalco USA Inc. Expands Manufacturing with Purchase of Florida Building

Rockledge, Florida has a new corporate citizen, manufacturer and distributor Tecvalco USA Inc. The company is responsible for manufacturing and distributing several significant product lines, including the CWT Indirect Heater and the MemFree Wastewater Treatment System. Read More

3105, 2017

Tech Note: Various Technical Changes to CWT Heater

May 25, 2017 | Technical Note: TEC-20170525-001 | Memo for CWT Technical Changes Read More

1805, 2017

Tech Note: Tecvalco USA Stocking CWT Parts

May 17, 2017 | Technical Note: TEC-20170517-001 | Dear Customer, Tecvalco USA is pleased to announce that we will be stocking critical CWT Heater components. Read More

905, 2017

Tech Note: Quality Control Procedure for Conforming to Intertek Certification

May 1, 2017 | Technical Note: TEC-20170501-001 | Dear Customer, This Technical Note is to notify our customers, distributors, and field techs about the implementation of a new Quality Control procedure conforming to Intertek’s certification. This procedure will be mandatory to complete by all field techs commissioning a CWT heater. This procedure will require a visual inspection to ensure that the Intertek’s requirements have been completed before a CWT heater is commissioned and fired-up. Intertek’s requirements are: 1. The Low Read More

1703, 2017

Tech Note: Warranty Change

March 17, 2017 | Technical Note: TEC-20170317-001 | Dear Customer, This Technical Note is to notify you that Tecvalco Ltd. has changed our Warranty policy, effective immediately. Read More

1502, 2017

Tech Note: Dielectric Spray

February 3, 2017 | Technical Note: CWT-20170203-001 | Dear Customer, This Technical Note is to notify you that Tecvalco is now coating various components of our CWT Heater with dielectric spray. The spray is a thin grease designed for electrical connections; to protect against corrosion created when metals are exposed to the environment. Read More

1502, 2017

Tech Note: Glycol Change

May 5, 2016 | Technical Note: CWT-20160505-001 | Dear Customer, This Technical Note is to notify you that Tecvalco has changed the brand of glycol in the CWT Heater. This change took affect in April 2016. Prior to that date, the glycol used in the CWT Heater was DowFrost HD. The new glycol being used is ClearFrost HD. This glycol exhibits a slightly higher boiling point, while still providing the same freeze protection as the previous glycol. Read More

1502, 2017

Tech Note: Vacuum Boiler

May 5, 2016  |  Technical Note: CWT-20160505-002  | Dear Customer, This Technical Note is to notify you that Tecvalco has undergone a significant change in the control design for the CWT Heater. This is a very exciting improvement in controls, and one that we have been working towards for a long time. With this change, the CWT Heater is now officially a “vacuum boiler”. Our prior control design, which was an ASME Section IV boiler, required floats in order to meet code. In some instances, this was problematic as the floats would occasionally cause nuisance trips. The new design, which now designates our CWT Heaters as ASME Section IV, Appendix V, does not require floats. Read More

201, 2017

Blog Post: Winter Drilling

As the last days of summer disappear into the distance, it is time to look forward to the winter and the busy Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) season that comes with it. As the ground starts to freeze up, more contracts from the summer can now be tackled. However, winter drilling comes with its own set of challenges. There are a number of things to keep in mind when sending equipment and crews out into the frigid Canadian winter. Using the right equipment can ensure that a drilling operation is getting the most out of their people and machines. Read More

1511, 2016

Soneera Water Canadian Patent Approved

Soneera Water Canada is pleased to announce the approval and issuance of our patent CA/2834902(Canada) on November 1st 2016. The patent is for a “continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment system”. Combined with the existing approval of our US patent, in August, 2015, this Canadian approval provides Soneera Water with the IP protection needed to vigorously defend our markets for Continuous Flow Electroflocculation based waste water treatment systems across North America. Read More

1407, 2016

Innovative Water Treatment System

As communities in Saskatchewan continue to expand, the need to treat waste water also grows. This is an issue already being faced by many towns and cities in the province, and one the companies of Tecvalco Ltd. and Soneera Water believe they have a solution for. Tecvalco Ltd. a Niagara Falls-based company with a major manufacturing facility in North Battleford, has penned an agreement with Soneera Water, to be the exclusive manufacturer and sales representative for Soneera’s waste water treatment technology in Canada. Read More

706, 2016

Tecvalco Aquires Assets from Grit Industries

Tecvalco Ltd., a Canadian master distributor and manufacturer representative, has purchased key assets from manufacturing company Grit Industries Inc. The two companies have a long history of working together in the sales and promotion of the CWT heater product line. The innovative CWT heater and the Grit-55 Secondary Containment are the two primary assets acquired. Tecvalco also negotiated access to all equipment and facilities required to manufacture those two lines, effectively moving the distribution company into manufacturing. The company also purchased the rights to manufacture a variety of other products marketed to the energy industry. Read More

706, 2016

Manufacturer for the Diamondback™ Flexible Gas Piping System

Tecvalco Ltd. is very proud to announce that we are now the manufacturer for the Diamondback Flexible Gas Piping System. For more information, please give us a call at 1-866-317-0131.