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Pipe Wrench Assist

Increase mechanical leverage!

The Pipe Wrench Assist Tool creates the mechanical leverage equal to one pipe wrench larger to break the most stubborn connections.

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MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench

Multi-purpose tool with meter nut wrench

The MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench is a multi-purpose tool with a meter nut wrench on one end and a meter valve wrench on the opposite.

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Gas Tornado

Ideal for rapidly purging gas from test holes The Gas Tornado uses the Venturi effect to aggressively suction the affected area and is ideal for rapidly purging gas from test holes, removing gas in hazardous areas, and for cleaning the soil of residual gas after a repair is made. Read More

EZ T-Probe

Mechanically assisted t-probe

Ideal for locating underground valve boxes, buried conduit, cables, and pipes. This mechanically assisted t-probe is available in either a steel rod or fiberglass version with reinforced steel tip. Tool length 48”.

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EZ Jack Plunger

Heavy duty and utility plunger bars

The EZ Jack heavy duty and utility plunger bars are specially designed to provide years of dependable service.

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EZ Ground Rod

The mechanically enhanced ground rod probe penetrates hard soils and even frozen ground. Ideal for pipe and cable locating or grounding your tools. Comes complete with stop plate at 11-1/2” to prevent over penetration. Tool length 25”. Part Number: EZG1001

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Fisher Sonde Signal Transmitter

Fisher Sonde Signal Transmitter


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WLT Fisher Water Level Indicator

Fisher WLT Water Level Indicator

The WLT Water Level Indicator provides an economical and reliable means of obtaining accurate water level data in water wells. Contact of the electrode assembly with the water surface is indicated by an LED and an audio alert.

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TW-6 Fisher Pipe and Cable Locator

Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator

The TW-6 Pipe & Cable locator finds underground pipes, cables, manhole covers, vaults, valve boxes and other metallic objects

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FX3 Fisher Ferro Magnetic Locator

Fisher FX Ferro Magnetic Locator

Like other Fisher detectors, the FX3 is easy to operate; just turn it on and go. It weighs just 2.5lbs (1.14kg) and features motion detection (the tube probe must be moving to detect a target).

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