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Kleiss MCS15-316 Flow Stopping System

Flow Stopping System / 3″ – 16″ up to 15 psi Features and Advantages: Lightweight and portable equipment makes it easy to handle and install User-friendly and simple design Single tap with one stopping tool provides multiple functions 3X safety factor with a gas-tight seal Patented MDS stopper Reduced operational expenses on every stop Read More

Kleiss MCS3-216 Flow Stopping System

Flow Stopping System / 2″ – 16″ up to 3 psi A unique feature of this system is the One Step Valve. Read More

Valve Key Wrench

Built for strength and durability

The Valve Key Wrenches are built for strength and durability.

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Valve Cover Lifter

Conveniently lift dual-pick-point valve covers Cumberland’s Universal Valve Cover Lifter is your tool to conveniently lift dual pick point valve covers. Its single-handed operation and lightweight design make it easy to operate. Read More

Retz Regulator Tool

Comprehensive tool to set service regulators

Work more efficiently using the Retz Regulator Tool!

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Regulator Tester

Easy regulator testing!

Setting your regulators has never been easier.

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Purge / Test Fitting

Reusable and configurable

The fitting is designed for high volume quick and easy air pressure testing of polyethylene pipe.

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Pulling Plug / Pulling Head / Weak Link / Mud Plug

Protect pipe during installation

Used together or separately, these products help protect pipe during installation.

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Pipe Wrench Assist

Increase mechanical leverage!

The Pipe Wrench Assist Tool creates the mechanical leverage equal to one pipe wrench larger to break the most stubborn connections.

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MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench

Multi-purpose tool with meter nut wrench

The MD-52 Meter Nut Wrench is a multi-purpose tool with a meter nut wrench on one end and a meter valve wrench on the opposite.

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